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There's always a good reason to claim an online casino bonus! It can boost your bankroll or in the case of free no deposit bonuses, get you started out of nothing! Read our guide and learn more about online casino bonuses!

What is a Casino Bonus?

The reasons to love online casinos are many. They offer terrific games, convenient banking, mobile compatibility, friendly support, and last but not least – amazing bonuses! If you’re new to the online casino concept, you should know that online casino bonuses are one of the best things you’ll experience while you gamble on the internet. As the name itself announces, the casino bonus is something you get extra, a bonus offer to whatever you are already inventing into play.

What’s great about casino bonuses online is that they can be so different, yet equally rewarding and casino sites are paying quite a lot of attention to designing just the right bonuses for all of their customers. Most often, the casino will award a player with a bonus after a successful deposit or a completion of certain requirements determined by the rules and conditions of the offer. Players can become eligible for receiving the bonus after simply making a deposit during a certain period, or playing a specific game, or placing a particular number of bets on a series of somehow related games (same theme, same category etc.).

Usually, the bonus is credited to the player’s account automatically, but sometimes you need to contact customer support or use a specific code to unlock the bonus funds. Either way, you can read all about the conditions of a bonus at the casino’s bonus and promotions page, so you can always be prepared for what the offer stands for and what you can get out of it. Online casino bonuses are awesome because they enhance your bankroll, they help with your confidence and they improve your gambling odds. With a bigger budget and other conveniences that come with certain bonuses, you can gamble with greater chances of winning. And casino operators are glad to treat their customers every now and then, to keep them satisfied and willing to come back and play. 

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Casino Bonuses

Much like any other aspect related to online casinos, bonuses can be so diverse and it can sometimes be tricky to find just the right offer for you. There are a few things you should pay attention to when you’re in search of a good bonus online. It’s a bad idea to just accept all the bonuses you lay your eyes on because not all of them can fit your betting style or your budget. Here are some tips on how to get better at choosing casino bonuses:

- Mind the Size of the Bonus: the first thing you will notice about a bonus offer is its size, the amount you will be awarded after the campaign is over or you’ve met the bonus conditions. You should carefully measure the size of the bonus when compared to the size of the deposit required, or the bets you are expected to place.

- Are There Wagering Requirements: the most important thing when deciding whether to accept bonus offer or not are the wagering requirements. The term stands for a number of times the casino asks you to wager the bonus amount in order to unlock the funds, convert them into real money and be able to cash out. If the wagering requirements are too high, the bonus offer is not good.

- Use No Deposit Bonuses: no deposit bonuses carry no risks. They are offered upon registration and do not require making a deposit. Often, they don’t have any wagering requirements. No matter how small, no deposit bonuses are extra cash at the beginning of your casino membership and you should take it whenever you have the chance.

- Read The Small Font: when you read about the terms and conditions of the bonus, including the section about wagering requirements, never skip the small font, as it may contain important information.

- Pick Bonuses on Games You Love to Play: if you enjoy slot games, pick the bonuses that include deposit matches and free spins on slots, as well as slot tournaments, since you’ll enjoy claiming them the most.

Type of Casino Bonuses

There are various types of casino bonuses you can encounter. The most common type is the welcome bonus, and offer that is valid for newly registered players. It involves the first deposit and it usually includes a 100% match in extra funds, plus free spins. The second most common bonus is just sets of free spins on slots, but you can often see cashback bonuses, reload bonuses, prize draws bonuses and promotions that have travel arrangements, even tickets, valuable items or vouchers as rewards. We’ve already mentioned the no deposit bonus, awarded at some casinos to players who’ve just activated their account for the first time and haven’t yet funded it.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are players’ favourites. Usually, the most generous offer found at a web casino, the welcome bonus follows the initial payment made by a newly registered player. After you’ve completed the signup, you will be offered the welcoming incentive and it will surely include a deposit match in a certain percentage. The common practice is for the casino to double your deposit, or in other words to match your payment 100%. That way, you’ll have double the amount to play with. The more you deposit, the bigger the bonus. However, the casino will put a limit on the maximum bonus amount.

The welcome bonus can sometimes expand from the first deposit to several following deposits. In this case, players have a chance to claim a welcome package of several match deposit bonuses and possibly some additional free spins added to the mix. The first deposit bonus is always the biggest, and the follow-up match deposit bonuses are traditionally smaller. For example, if the first deposit bonus is a 100% match, the second deposit bonus might be a 50% or a 75% match to a certain amount, and the third deposit bonus is usually around 35%. Of course, the values and percentages are different from one casino to the next, so there is no rule about this. For all we know, all three (or more) welcome bonuses can be 100% matches to a specific amount.

In many cases, the welcome bonus comes with a set of free spins on popular slots, which is a way to motivate a big part of the audience that passionately plays slots. With complementary spins, the chances of winning more than anticipated get considerably bigger. The spins are credited to your balance and become active as soon as you load the game included in the bonus.

Reload Casino Bonuses

Similar to welcome bonuses, reload bonuses are also matched deposit bonuses given at a certain percentage. However, they tend to be smaller than welcome bonuses and they are offered to existing customers instead of new members. Players that have made deposits in the past and have funded accounts can become eligible for the reload bonus, one of the ways the casino rewards them for being loyal bettors. Reload bonuses is often what makes the players keep playing at one casino venue, and not jump from one site to the next, making use of welcome bonuses alone.

Here is an example of a reload bonus: let’s say the casino offers a reload once a week, on Thursdays. The offer stands on your first deposit of the day and it involves a 40% match reload up to £€$50 each week. All you need to do is a make a deposit on Thursdays and you’ll be credited with extra funds right away. True, reload bonuses are at a lower percentage, but there is an upside to that – wagering requirements tend to be lower as well so you’ll unlock the cash easily.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Although not as common as reload bonuses or welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses are very much appreciated in the online gambling community. They come with so many advantages and barely any drawbacks, so you can understand why all the fuss is about. The main quality about no deposit bonuses is expressed in their very name – they don’t require a deposit like most casino bonuses do.

Not too many casinos offer no deposit bonuses, but you can be sure that those that do are quite generous. No deposit bonuses can often be seen at casino venues that have just launched so they use this incentive to attract players to come, visit the website and register an account. With such promotions, players will potentially decide to stay and keep playing for real money. So, how do no deposit bonuses work? They are pretty straightforward; in order to redeem a no deposit bonus, you are required to fill in the registration form and verify your brand new casino account. Sometimes there will be a pop-up window asking you if you’d like to accept the no deposit offer. Make sure you confirm it. Then, you will receive the no deposit bonus amount and you’ll be able to play with it right away, no deposit of your personal funds needed.

The no deposit bonus does not reach substantial sums; on the contrary, it is usually a small amount, but nevertheless a welcome one. If you redeem your no deposit bonus you will have enough funds to spin the reels of your favourite slot a few times or try out a new game you’ve wanted to check out without risking any of your own money. If you happen to like the experience, you can make a deposit and keep playing. Otherwise, you won’t be obligated to maintain your account constantly funded and active.

Free Spins Casino Bonuses

Slot lovers are all over free spins bonuses, and for a good reason. These offers accommodate slot players maybe even more than match deposit bonuses. They are quite flexible and both new members and regular customers can look forward to free spins bonuses. These incentives consist of complementary spins on one or more slot machines at the casino. When you claim a free spins bonus, you get to spin the reels free of charge for a determined number of times and collect all the winnings.

Free spins can be offered individually as a part of a recurring promotion or added to a welcome package. It all depends on the casino. Sometimes, free spins are available within a promotional campaign for a new slot machine, a game recently released and just added to the portfolio. Although free spins sound great, you shouldn’t ignore the terms and conditions when you claim these offerings. Free spins can also carry wagering requirements, and these apply to any winnings you may generate from gratis play. If you fail to comply with the conditions of the bonus, you risk losing the won amount.

Bonuses that involve free spins can be modest and rather generous. Some casinos will award its players with sets of 10, 20, 30 or maybe 50 free spins; other will include 100 or 200 free spins in their offers. Naturally, you should consider all the aspects before accepting free spins, but most of the time complementary spins are hugely beneficial for the player’s balance, not to mention the improvement they bring to the gameplay.

Casino Bonus Codes

Not all casino bonuses are awarded automatically. Some offers need to be confirmed in various ways, and players often need to verify their decision to accept the bonus as well as complete certain steps to finally claim the extra funds. Casino operators use various tools to get players to actively participate in the process of receiving bonuses. Sometimes they will make players to opt-in in order to take part in a promotional campaign or make them confirm that they are accepting the bonus by ticking a box in a pop-up window. But the most popular way of making the bonus offers more intriguing is to use bonus codes.

Casino bonus codes are specific combinations of letters and sometimes numbers, like passwords of some sort, which serve to differentiate different bonus options. For example, sometimes, when a bonus contains multiple sub-bonuses there are codes for each one that allows the player to redeem only the offer he or she is interested in. Bonus codes are also used for special promotional offers that are awarded to the high achieving players. If you receive an exclusive bonus offer from casino management through email, chances are it will have a bonus code that allows only you and a handful of other privileged casino members to activate the promotion. Otherwise known as coupon codes, bonus codes are also used for promotions advertised on affiliate sites. For example, there are sites that showcase active casino bonuses and if you visit this site you can claim some of these offers by using a specific code published on their pages. This way, the casino will know where you found out about the promotion, which promotions are more popular than others and so on, and plan their future offers accordingly. It’s kind of like a feedback from the customers.

VIP & High Roller Casino Bonuses

While every single customer that registers with a reputable online casino is in line for a very good treatment, it is important to note that virtually all online casinos pay special attention to their VIP players, which is not that surprising when we know that one high roller tends to place bets of higher volume than 100's of regular players. These exclusive players can, therefore, count on numerous perks and benefits throughout their stay with the casino, which ultimately adds value to their usual wagers. Some casino rooms are definitely better at this than others and having consistently offered excellent terms to high rollers, they can now be regarded as true VIP casinos.

Things that separate high-roller casinos from other similar gambling venues include special VIP bonuses and promotions, very high betting limits as well as deposit and withdrawal limits, personal account managers for VIP players, exclusive loyalty programs and attractive gifts for their valued customers. Certain casinos feature invitation-only high roller scheme, while others allow all customers to apply for VIP status, although they obviously need to prove they are genuine high rollers and not just after the benefits these programs can provide.

If you are wondering how to become a high roller and start taking advantage of VIP bonuses and other highly rewarding promotions, you need not worry as the process is as easy as they get. If a casino offers a special high-roller bonus for first-time depositors, you can opt-in and they will immediately tag you as an exclusive player, ensuring you qualify for all the aforementioned perks and benefits. If not, the casinos will determine what type of gamer you are simply by analyzing the volume of your bets on the tables or slot machines, so if you qualify, they will make sure to let you know.

High roller bonuses and VIP promotions can serve as a great way to secure some extra cash and add extra value to your bets, and you will definitely want to take advantage of everything they have to offer. As we have already mentioned, some of these VIP bonuses are available as soon as you open your account, and you will usually get better terms and higher bonus than if you were to opt into one of their standard welcome offers.

Meanwhile, once you start playing in the casino and become a member of their exclusive loyalty program, you will gain access to special reload bonuses and ongoing promotions that will ensure you can always receive some bonus cash to improve your winning chances.

All things considered, if you believe you qualify as a high roller, you should definitely register an account with one or more of these VIP casinos as they already boast an excellent track record when it comes to exclusive casino players, offering faster processing times for deposits and withdrawals, lower fees and higher wagering limits, in addition to custom-tailored bonuses and promotions almost on daily basis.

Real Money vs Free Casino Bonuses

As you’ve seen, there are different types of gratuities and compensations you can expect from online casinos. If we want to analyse them, we could put them into two categories: real money bonuses and free casino bonuses. The majority of the bonus offers encountered online is seen as real money benefits. They require real money, and they give real money cash back. Such are welcome bonuses, cash-backs, reload bonuses and prize pool bonuses although they can involve rewards other than cash. The player needs to make a deposit, to become a funded account holder in order to request a little extra on the side. Real money bonuses bring out the best of online casino play – they make you feel fortunate and they give something back. It’s like when you work hard for something and then it comes true.

On the other hand, we have free bonuses which don’t require any investment beforehand. Only no deposit bonuses fall into this category, as they are awarded to new members before they’ve added funds to their profiles. No deposit bonuses are usually petite amounts of money, but sometimes the no deposit bonus can also be a set of free spins on the casino’s trademark slot machine. The important thing is that these are mostly wager-free, deposit-free offers that only bring benefits to the player. Although casino operators have no actual profit from no deposit bonuses, they still give them away in order to light a spark of interest and affection for their casino brands. The more players experience a free bonus, the more attractive the casino venue becomes, as the news of its generosity and hospitality travels fast across the online gambling community.


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